Photos of the award winning artwork from the 2018 Members’ Spring Fine Art Show are included below.

October Rain – Yuki Hall



Dance Away – Shirlee Bauer



Emerging Elephant – Pat Dunker


Waterfall – Peggy Bowman








Sunrise – Sherry Li Cai








Bandingo – Babs Ney








Girl in White Dress – Billie Dickson







Cast of Characters – Tom Kinarney








Mysterious Lady – Jim Moore






Morning Stroll – Connie Gifford








Hear the Laughter – Linda Owen







Leaf Patterns – Susan Scott






Renaissance Man – Patty Dorn








Three Graces – Rose Schultz








St Joseph’s Novato – Carol Edsal







3 Lillies – Louise Jackson








Unititled – Anne Bongiovanni







Cross Country – Libby Rudolf







Moonscape – Dotty Crowley









Read Me a Story – M.J. White