Join FAA

The Fairborn Art Association is a nonprofit association located in Fairborn, Ohio, designed to promote the development of art in various forms, sponsor art classes, workshops and classes, and provide community service.

Benefits of joining our organization include:

First, our website reflects the endeavors of the Association and the members. We include members’ areas of artistic endeavor so that contact can be made between members having similar interests. To that end, we decided to include a questionnaire on the membership form to allow members to check off their activities. This information will be kept in the private Association database and made available to others only with your permission.

Second, we email the Newsletter to all members who have email accounts. We request your email address on the membership application for this reason and to give us a way to contact members quickly in case of an emergency. We will not publish your name, personal information or your email address, nor will we give this information to anyone without your permission.

Third, the website includes a gallery of individual member’s artwork, its title, along with the artist’s name and personal website if desired.

Please complete and mail this membership form 2020 Membership Form with your check payable to the Fairborn Art Association. A completed form must accompany all payments for dues.

Mail to:

Fairborn Art Association
P.O. Box 1231
Fairborn, OH 45324