Our members received the awards for their artwork at our meeting on Tuesday, May 4, 2021. Each was awarded a ribbon and some also included a monetary award as follows:

Best of Show, Sandy Kinnamon Memorial Award – $300, First Place, Joan McCoy Memorial Award – $150, Second Place – $75, Third Place – $50, eight Honorable Mentions at $25 each, and eight Judge’s Merits. There is a limit of one monetary prize per artist.

Best of Show: Rose Schultz – “The Farmers’ Market”

First Place: Susan Scott – “Late Summer Fields”

Second Place: Marsha Elliott – “Something to Crow About”

Third Place: Connie S. Gifford – “I Want A Spoon”

Honorable Mention: Jan Lendino – Yet Still We Dance”

Honorable Mention: Clarice Moore – “Happy Hour”

Honorable Mention: Carol Collett – “Equestre Mexicano”

Honorable Mention: Billie Dickson – “Taxis Americanos en la Habana”

Honorable Mention: Theresa Mayer – “Landscape Surprise”

Honorable Mention: Ann Armstrong  Ingoldsby – “Birds From Trash”

Honorable Mention: Jacqueline Albright – “Jon’s Fox”

Honorable Mention: Jane Trame – “A Floral Fantasy”

Judge’s Merit Award: Patricia Dunker – “Pick A Little, Talk A Little”

Judge’s Merit Award: Lisa Becker – “Head in the Clouds”

Judge’s Merit Award: Sheryl Scott – “Chewie”

Judge’s Merit Award: Connie Weber – “Africana”

Judge’s Merit Award: Tom Kinarney – “Fallen Leaf-Huffman Metropark”

Judge’s Merit Award: Joann Davenport – “Branching Out”

Judge’s Merit Award: Pat Sager – “Bella”

Judge’s Merit Award: Sue Seitz – “The Happy Bunny”

Juror’s Choice: Clarice Moore – “Boodle”

Juror’s Choice: Dianna Hoke – “Poolside”

Juror’s Choice: Debbie Cosenza – “A Quiet Place”

Juror’s Choice: Mary J. White – “Borzoi Puppy”

Juror’s Choice: Shirlee Bauer – “First Street Glassblower”


I loved this opportunity to be a juror in the FAA show. It has been more than 5 years since I left Ohio and I was excited to see the new ideas and techniques that were exhibited in the show. The criteria I go by when judging art work is simple but deciding who to receive awards was difficult because there are so many good paintings to consider.

An aesthetically pleasing piece of art with a unique way of telling a story usually incorporates a good use of the elements of design and art principles. Adding good craftsmanship and presentation (framing and lighting) is sure to attract a juror’s attention. Among the chosen paintings in this show, some exhibited excellent use of color or value contrast, some have subjects that tell a story for the viewer to enjoy, some adopted interesting textures, and so on.

I have to admit, no matter what pieces I ultimately chose for award, the choices are subjective; conditioned by my art making experiences, and these experiences influenced my choices. I hope you all keep enjoying painting and think of an art show as a way of sharing your genuine feelings and ideas without the need for acceptance and reward.

Misuk Goltz – Juror

This show will be open to the public on Sundays, May 9, 16, and 23 from 1:00 – 4:00 pm. Please come and bring your family and friends.