Best of Show: Tom Kinarney– In the Woods

First Place:  Jeffrey W. Davis– Solitude

Second Place: Shirlee Bauer– Here Come the Kids

Third Place: Teresa Stoddart– Storybook Forest

Honorable Mention: Lucille Burns– Where the Wind Blows Free

Honorable Mention: Marsha Elliott– Winter In Ohio

Honorable Mention: Patty Dorn– Rachel

Honorable Mention: Mary Jo White– Sunflowers

Honorable Mention: Linda Brandenburg– Wading Red Egret

Honorable Mention: Lisa Becker– Spring

Honorable Mention: Tessa Kalman– Cheetah Bros

Honorable Mention: Jan Lendino– Lavender Profusion

Judge’s Merit Award: Jane Trame– Bougainvillea

Judge’s Merit Award: Matt Lammi– Sunflowers #7

Judge’s Merit Award: Evvie Moore– Walking in My Daddy’s Boots

Judge’s Merit Award: Eileen Thomson– Emma’s Artistry

Judge’s Merit Award: Connie Weber– Family Jewels

Judge’s Merit Award: Babs Ney– Lite As A Feather

Judge’s Merit Award: Sherry Li Cai– The War and the Peace

Judge’s Merit Award: Esther Wilson– Summer in the City

Juror’s Statement:

Thank you for giving me the honor of judging this show. It was a real treat to view all the submitted artwork as I marveled at a variety of mediums, subject matters and different artistic expressions. 

As a juror, I looked at composition, technical proficiency, originality, content, presentation and how all the design components came together to create a compelling image.  

Award winners demonstrated how eloquently they could communicate their initial vision using their unique voice and their work spoke to me.  

Congratulations to all the participating artists for your achievement and inspiration you are giving us through your beautiful creations. 

Keiko Tanabe