This year’s Sweet Corn Festival was a huge success!  It was a beautiful weekend with great weather.  We would like to thank all the many, many volunteers who helped plan, answer phones and call volunteers, secure vendors, mark the field, work the information booth, tend the vendor’s gate, work the watermelon booth, sell ads for the booklet, and help with the parking.

SCF Watermelon Booth

A big thanks goes to all the watermelon booth workers!  This year we made $3036.00, the most profit that was ever made in the watermelon booth.  Since we charged $2.00 for each cup this year instead of $1.50 and didn’t have to pay for ice, the profit was $1452.38 more than last year.  The best part was that we didn’t have to use quarters for change.  A special person or persons are needed to chair this booth for next year.  Jane Trame, current chairperson, will help to make the changeover successful.  Please say you’ll help.  Thank you! —Submitted by Jane Trame