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Dear FAA Members, Patrons, and Friends,

Why is it so difficult for an artist to select colors for walls in their house. It takes me months to make a decision and I end up with lots of painted poster boards and little sample jars of paint. Perhaps it is because we want every painting we have to look perfect on the color. Therefore I end up with pretty neutral colors. After having 8 rooms painted, my husband and I feel like we just moved again for the 16th time. Some people go to Florida in the winter. It really is a better choice. Hopefully you have been painting on anything except walls and are getting ready for our spring show. We hope to see you all at our March meeting on March 7 at 7:00. Board meeting will be at 6:00.

Louise Jackson


MARCH SPEAKER—Intuitive Interpretations by Rob Weingartner

Rob will show how he uses a photo, then interprets it into a painting using acrylics and other mediums.

Background:  A graduate of Central Academy of Commercial Art, for over 30 years I have been an Art Director, Graphic Designer and Illustrator. I’ve developed sales collateral, product and package design, characters and rendered illustrations from concept to finish mostly for the children and tween markets. As an illustrator I painted on demand for a variety of products and clients. I also spent a lot of time fixing and making revisions on other artists work, but as time went on most of the work was designed and illustrated on the computer. At first I loved the computer and what it could do for illustration and the production of packaging and products. Then as time went by I began to miss what I became an artist for. I missed the craftsmanship by hand, the feel of a brush. To pursue that need or want, I began silversmithing and stone cutting. For the past 20 years I have worked as a jeweler/silversmith and lapidary artist doing fine art shows and selling my work to galleries. I still did a few paintings a year and some freelance illustration and design, but the metalsmithing had been all consuming for over 20 years. Three years ago my wife and I had a life changing experience. There was a fire, we got out, but lost everything except our vehicles and garage. I found an old box of acrylic paints stored in our garage, so I started to paint.

Interpretations:  For the first time in my career as an artist I decided to paint what I wanted to paint. Most of my paintings and portfolios were burned in the fire, what did I really have left to lose. The new paintings were meant to be direct. I started with a brush and black paint. I love Impressionism and Abstract Expressionism, I painted birds, landscapes, and flowers working on the play of light and color with direct techniques and spontaneity. These paintings are what I wanted to paint, what I saw around me and in my neighbor’s gardens. After a long time of not really painting, I wanted to see if something unique would happen. One painting evolving from the last. I have a lot of paintings to go, this is the start.                                              …Submitted by Rob Weingartner

For a more extensive biography and photos of Rob and his artwork, click on the attachment.

Attachment:  Weingartner Bio (pdf document)


Start planning for our spring workshop. Suzanna Winton will be the instructor for our spring workshop to be held May 1–4, 2017 from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm at the Fairborn Art Association Gallery. For more than 18 years, Suzanna Winton has captured the essence of the human soul through her watercolor portraits. She is the recipient of over 30 awards and has been featured in many national publications. These publications include Splash 6, The Artist’s Magazine, American Artist, Watercolor Magic, Watercolor Basics, and Watercolor Artist. The staff of The Artist’s Magazine lists her as “an artist on the rise and one of 20 artists who we believe are destined to be master painters of the future” (01/04). Suzanna is a signature member of the Florida Watercolor Society, Southern Watercolor Society, and Watercolor West. Suzanna has become nationally known for her informative watercolor portrait workshops. Through these workshops and encouragement from her students, colleagues, friends, and family, Suzanna was lead to write Realistic Watercolor Portraits. It is her desire that this book will help all artists paint portraits with ease by unlocking the secrets to portrait painting. Suzanna Winton’s watercolor paintings capture the personality and “Human” history of each of her carefully chosen subjects. Children’s portrait commissions are also one of Suzanna’s specialties. Visit her website at  Additional information and a registration form for Suzanna’s workshop is available in the Gallery and is attached.

…Submitted by Pat Dunker

Attachment:  suzanna-winton-registration-form (pdf document)

 SAVE THE DATES!  Our FAA Members Fine Art Show is coming up in May. We will need all hands on deck to help take in artwork, hang the show, sit with the Gallery and provide refreshments on Sundays, and be available on pick up dates, as well as someone to place our signs around Fairborn advertising the show. We’ll pass around sign-up sheets to help out at the March and April meetings. The Prospectus will be available in the Gallery and is attached. Some dates to be kept in mind:

Registration:  Tuesday, April 25, 10 am to 2 pm and Wednesday, April 26 from 1 to 3 pm

Show Opening and Prizes Awarded:  Tuesday, May 2, 7 pm at our May meeting

Gallery Hours:  Sundays, May 7, 14, and 21 from 1 pm to 4 pm

Pick Up:  Sunday, May 21 from 4 to 5 pm and Monday, May 22 from noon to 1:30 pm

Time to get your artwork ready and let your family and friends know to come on Sundays in May to see the beautiful artwork.  May 14 is Mother’s Day. Take your mother to lunch or dinner and stop in so she can see your art work!                                                                                                                       …Submitted by Billie Dickson

Attachment:  Spring prospectus 2017 (pdf document)


We have a new video system in our Gallery. It was first used for last month’s demo by Nita Leland and she had nothing but praise for it. No more straining to see the old mirror. The camera can be aimed on the demonstrator’s hand and artwork and it electronically sends the picture to the enormous TV screen which can be seen by everyone in the main Gallery room. Instructors can also use the system. But please do not try to use the system unless you have been trained. Thanks to Roger Browning for his diligent search and setup of this great new tool.


Yuki Hall will be teaching an 8-week long watercolor class Painting Atmosphere in Watercolor at FAA Gallery starting March 1. The class will meet every Wednesday from 9:30–12:30 until April 26. In this 8-week course, you will learn how to transform an ordinary scene into an atmospheric watercolor painting which will deliver an emotional impact to the viewers. Yuki will guide you through the way to paint boldly, bringing out the true quality of watercolor, such as spontaneity, freshness, and fluidity. The fundamental concepts and techniques of watercolor will also be covered. Strong emphasis will be placed on the importance of a pre-planning stage as well as effective use of strong tonal value pattern and edge qualities. Yuki Hall is an impressionistic watercolor artist known for her spontaneous and loose approach to working with the medium by emphasizing simplified compositions and economy of brush strokes. The cost for this 8-week session is $105. To learn more about Yuki, visit her website at  A registration form is available in the Gallery and is attached.  For any questions regarding this course, contact Yuki at [email protected], or call 937- 426-7229.

Attachment:  Painting Atmosphere in Watercolor (pdf document)


Decorative Artists Guild of Southwest Ohio (DAGSO) will be hosting a 1-day watercolor workshop with Yuki Hall on March 18th at We Care Arts in Kettering. By completing an impressionistic Venice scene, students will learn how to simplify a complex subject matter and work with an effective tonal values pattern. The importance of expressive edge quality and various techniques for creating depth will also be covered. To register or for more information regarding this workshop, please contact Barbara Olekas at 937-855-6590,  [email protected].

PAINT ALL DAY with Louise Jackson

Louise will be offering her watercolor class on Mondays, March 13, 20, and 27, 2017, from 10 am to 3:30 pm. All skill levels are welcome. All of your paints will be provided. All paintings are new. Each day you will watch a demonstration on each step of the painting process. Then you will be given time to paint these steps on your paper. The $115 cost for all 3 days includes your paints, a photo for each painting, and written instructions. Supply List to come.  Classes will be held at the Fairborn Art Association Gallery at 221 North Central Ave., Fairborn, OH 45324 (in rear of senior housing). Louise has been painting since 1965. She has written 23 painting books and has taught extensively in the U.S. and Canada, as well as Italy, Argentina, Japan, and Hawaii. She is a signature member of WOWS, DSPS, and is a Master Decorative Artist. A deposit of $25 is required. Please send it to: Louise Jackson, 68 Scarborough Village Dr., Centerville, OH 45458. For additional information, please call Louise at 937-886-5238. A registration form is attached.

Attachment:  Paint all Day 10 (Word document)


Western Ohio Watercolor Society will be hosting its 43rd Annual Members show, “Watercolor Works” from March 4 through September 24 at Springfield Museum of Art in Springfield, OH.  Artist reception will be held on March 12, from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm with award ceremony at 3 pm.

Yuki Hall had her painting “Rainy Day in Kyoto” accepted into 41st National Exhibition of Transparent Watercolor Society of America (TWSA).  Exhibition will run from May 6 to August 6 at Kenosha Public Museum in Kenosha, WI. Congratulations to Yuki.


Libby will have watercolor paintings on display from December through March at Wheat Penny Oven and Bar. She will be showing scenes from nature and town and imagination. Location of Wheat Penny Oven and Bar is 515 Wayne Ave., Dayton, OH 937-496-5208. For additional information, contact Libby Rudolf at 937-767-1068 or email [email protected].


If you have access to the internet, please go to our website at for additional articles throughout the month. We also post photographs of meetings and other events that we are unable to publish in the printed version of this newsletter. Be sure we have your written permission (check boxes on membership form) to display your artwork and/or any photo of you (individually or in a group) on the website.


The following people signed up to bring refreshments to the March 2017 meeting:  Nancy Draves, Carol Collett, Anna Mae Brown, Irene Ferriman, Barbara Arnold, Tom Kinarney, Theresa Mayer, Cheryl Miracle, Judy Belvo, Clarice Moore, Ed Vance. Thank you for volunteering.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, April 4, at 7:00 pm. The deadline for submitting articles to be included in the April Newsletter is Monday, March 20, 2017. Please email your articles to  [email protected] or call Jackie Albright at 937-233-7532.