To Print this newsletter, click here: FAA 2021 May Newsletter (pdf file)

To Print this newsletter, click here: FAA 2021 May Newsletter (open document file)


Leadership is not about being in charge, it is about taking care of those in your charge. And when we take care of our people, our people will take care of us.” Anon

As of tonight, April 18, 2021, no one has agreed to take on the role of President for the 2021-22 year. Several have been asked, all have reason to say no. My term ends May 31, 2021. The first two years were pretty easy, the last was made more challenging because of the pandemic. It looks like things will ease up and this coming year shouldn’t be too tough, but it is difficult to have a successful organization without a leader. Even with the great Board that is in place and will be returning to their roles, it is difficult for a body without a head to work well. Please call Carol Collett (or any Board member) and say you will step up and take your turn. I will be there as an advisor. Show what FAA means to you. Voting for the incoming Board takes place at our May meeting.

Also in May, the Member Fine Art Show will happen, and the two Misuk Goltz workshops will take place. Information on those is elsewhere in the Newsletter.

Dues are payable by June 1. You may pay those when you drop off your paintings for the Member show. Also in June is the year end celebration on Tuesday, June 1, announcement of the Sweet Corn Festival King and Queen, awarding of the scholarships for 3 graduating seniors, and the People’s Choice Voting and Awards.

The May meeting is Tuesday, May 4, at 7 p.m. 6:30 to 7:00 is social time. Again, reservations must be made by emailing Debbie Cosenza. Masks and social distancing are still required, so seating is limited, and refreshments will not be available.

Billie Dickson, President

Attachment:  2021 Membership Form


  • Registration: Thursday, April 29 from Noon to 5 pm **ONE DAY ONLY**
  • Show Opening: May 9,2020 from 1:00 pm till 4:00 pm
  • Prizes Awarded:Tuesday, May 4, 2021 at 7 pm at our May meeting
  • Gallery Hours:Sundays, May 9, 16, and 23 from 1 pm to 4 pm

Please bring your art ready to hang, and we do not accept saw tooth hangers or ring hangers, nudes, art created in a workshop and so forth. The prospectus has all the information needed to prepare your art for the show. The prospectus is available in our Gallery and on our website at .

Due to COVID-19, we will follow the guidelines issued by the State of Ohio; please be prepared prior to entry.  A mask is required to enter the gallery and maintain 6-feet social distancing.

Note: The Members Show will end at the June 1, 2021 meeting which now includes the People’s Choice voting. Paintings will be removed after the meeting.

Pick Up:  Tuesday, June 1, 2021 after the FAA meeting and on Thursday, June 3 from 10 am till 1 pm

If you signed up to sit with the FAA gallery, please bring only food/drink for yourself because we will not furnish anything for the guest due to COVID-19. We will assign one person in your group to have access to the gallery so you can get in and lock up when you leave.

Please check with us when you register your art to make sure who will have gallery access. Feel free to bring your artwork to work on while you are there.

Please invite your friends and family to come see the show, and hopefully find a piece of art they would like to hang in their home or office. Remember to share this information with your friends on Social Media such as Facebook.

If you have questions or if you need to deliver or pick up your work at a different time, contact Connie Gifford at [email protected] or (937) 270-7359 or Carol Edsall at [email protected] .

Looking forward to seeing all your beautiful artwork!            …Submitted by Connie S. Gifford and Carol Edsall

Attachment:  FAA 2021 Members Show Prospectus


Misuk Goltz is still a member of our organization even though she now lives in California. She taught watercolor classes in our Gallery for several years and her students (and others) are looking forward to seeing her again. She will be teaching two workshops in May — Art Journaling, May 3-5, and Portraiture, May 6&7.  She will also be judging our Members’ Show with prizes to be awarded at our May 4th meeting. Word from Pat Dunker, our Workshop Chair, is that we are ready for full classes for the May workshops and it will be a great experience.


May 4 Misuk Goltz demo and workshop

June 1 Social

July 6 No meeting

August 3 No meeting

September 7 Nita Leland, collage

October 5 Shirley DeLaet, watercolor

November 2 Liam Quan Zhen, demo and workshop

December 7 Christmas Party


On Friday April 16, I was informed by the Green County Health Department that we have a green light to go forward with the August 21-22, 2021 Fairborn Sweetcorn Festival. Great News!! We will be expected to ask attendees to exercise social distancing and wear a mask. Also, we are asked to keep food tables 6 foot apart or use a barrier between tables. These suggestions could be relaxed further if the pandemic has wound down by then.

What this means to you, our members, is we need you to volunteer for the tasks that are necessary to carry out a successful event.

Attached is a form to guide you in selecting tasks that best fits your capabilities and availability. Please include phone # or e-mail so we can contact you for verification.

Thanks in advance for your consideration for this important event!!               …Submitted by Warren Brown

Attachment:  FAA Festival Signup


I just found out about the passing of a former national watercolor and collage instructor from California who taught at least 5 workshops at the Fairborn Art Association throughout the years, authored 18 art instruction books and was an internationally recognized instructor.   His name was Gerald Brommer, N.W.S.  When I was the workshop chairman for the F.A.A. I invited him to come and teach a workshop about every 3 or 4 years.  The last time he came he brought his lovely and talented wife, Georgia.  He was about 83 at that time; but still an excellent, kind and thoughtful artist/instructor to all his beloved students.  He was born in 1927 and died on November 3, 2020, at 93 years old.  He was truly amazing.  He even co-judged the 2020 N.W.S. exhibition in California.  Possibly some of the long-time F.A.A. members will remember him.  He will definitely be missed in the art world.                                                  … Submitted by Jane Trame


  • Art + Soul Artist Retreat – in person workshops, June 19-27, 5 classes
  • Acrylics ~ Textures & Layers – in person workshop, July 26-30 – Palette Productions
  • Eco-Printing 6 – 6th Anniversary Retreat, Cincinnati Ohio, Aug 15-18
  • Painting the Colors, Textures & Horizons of Italy, LaMarche Italy – Sept 1-7
  • For more information on these events, see our website


It’s time for summer, then our new workshop this year in November which features Lian Quan Zhen. Lian was here several years ago with a full class who raved about his teaching so we are bringing him back. He will be teaching Chinese painting as well as his traditional methods. Many famous artists have a background in Chinese painting, such as Mary Whyte and Jean Hanes, so I’m sure all will learn a lot and really enjoy his class.

He started sketching and painting in his childhood and continued as a hobby while practicing medicine as a family physician in Canton Province, China. After immigrating to the US in 1985, he obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree from University of California at Berkeley in 1992 and a Master of Architecture Degree from MIT in 1996. He has had many shows in the US, Hong Kong and China and developed an international following. His paintings hang in numerous institutional and private collections including at the MIT Museum which has collected 14 of his paintings. Lian Quan Zhen is a sought-after watercolor and Chinese painting artist and teacher in the US and abroad. He is one of the most popular authors of North Light Books.

His art teaching credentials include at the University of California at Berkeley where he taught watercolor outdoor sketching for 8 years; watercolor and Chinese painting workshops nationwide in the US, and other countries in Europe, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, China, South Africa and Australia. (See for additional information on his workshops and a list of art supplies.) Also, Lian has been an invited juror for California, Colorado, New Mexico, Georgia, Arizona and Kentucky Watercolor Societies’ exhibitions and other local shows. His paintings have been featured in magazines such as Watercolor 94 Spring, Splash4, Collectors (Hong Kong) and books

of Landscape on Watercolor (UK), Finding Your Visual Voice, and Painter’s Quick Reference books by North Light Books: Flowers and Blooms, Dogs and Cats, Birds and Butterflies, Landscapes, and Drawing and Painting Animals – the Essential Guide.

We will have more information about fees, etc. later.                            … Submitted by Pat Dunker


If you have access to the internet, please go to our website at for additional articles throughout the month. We also post photographs of meetings and other events that we are unable to publish in the printed version of this newsletter.


Our next meeting will be our June Social on Tuesday, June 1, 2021, at 7:00 pm. Our board will be meeting from 5:30-6:30 in the gallery, so please do not arrive before 6:30. Anyone wishing to attend must email Debbie Cosenza at [email protected] to reserve a seat.  Masks must be worn at all times. The deadline for submitting articles to be included in the September Newsletter is Wednesday, August 18, 2021. Please email your articles to [email protected] or call Kenny Moore at 937-313-1040.