Your home or studio is awash in art supplies – paints, pencils, pens, brushes, sketchbooks, papers, brayers, easels, books, DVDs, framing materials, etc. – that you don’t use and are unlikely to use in this lifetime – or they make you pause and ask, “Why did I buy this?!” – or you’ve advanced beyond them – or used them and thought, “Yuck.  What was I thinking?!”

If this sounds familiar, a remedy awaits.  FAA is scheduling an “art supply sale” for February 7, 2017 starting at 5:30 and ending just before the FAA meeting at 7:00 pm.  If weather forces cancellation of the February meeting, the sale will move to March’s meeting date at the same time.  So gather all the art supplies you can bear to part with, price them, and bring them to the sale.   We’ll have tables set up for your stash; please RSVP if you plan to sell, so we have enough tables.  You are responsible for selling your own stash – bring small change – and decide whether you will accept checks!

Art (framed, unframed, card sets, etc) is not part of this sale.  Questions?  Contact Peggy Bowman, [email protected] or 937-427-2191 (home) or 937-654-6313 (cell).