Revised to include new information on floor maintenance.

New flooring was installed in our Gallery in February. We no longer have to worry about spills on the carpet since we no longer have carpet. The new flooring is a super-vinyl tile that looks like wood. Specifically it is called Northern Timbers (021) and was installed by Sexton Flooring.

With this type of flooring we do have to use care to prevent damage such as scrapes and stains. First, DO NOT drag the tables across the floor. The table legs can scratch the finish of the vinyl flooring. Pick them up to move them. Get someone to help you carry a table if you are going to move it or while putting the smaller tables away for storage. The larger tables can be left in place after the Gallery is used; this will prevent having to take them down to store them.

Also, check each leg on your chair and be sure there are rubber caps. We don’t want to gouge the floor with exposed legs. If a tip is missing from a chair, place the chair in the storage area away from other chairs and place a note on it.

If you spill something on the new floor, it’s okay. Just clean it up immediately. DO NOT use products such as Pine-Sol, Bleach, Clorox Soft Scrub, Fabuloso, Mop & Glo, Mr. Clean, Murphy’s Oil Soap, etc. These products will damage the finish on the flooring and create unsatisfactory conditions. Just use clean water. If there appears to be a stain, there is some “Neutral Cleaner” in the supply room by the kitchen that may be used. If the stain persists, notify Roger so he can investigate and get the stain removed. If you are using a medium that may leave a stain, cover the floor under your area with a plastic sheet.

Please sharpen any pencils over a waste container and pick up any shavings or lead that end up on the floor. At the end of each day (which could be 1:00 pm.), after activities are complete, use the dust mop in the supply room to sweep the floor. This will prevent scratches from any debris left behind. DO NOT use the vacuum on the new floor. The brushes in the vacuum will scratch the vinyl flooring.

Thank you for your cooperation. It’s important we all work to keep our gallery looking its best.

Submitted by: Roger Browning, Facilities Manager, 937-760-5222