We are in need of volunteers for the FAA Gallery.

First of all, Larry Hawkins has resigned his position as greeter, so we need a friendly face to be at the desk before meetings, make sure we fill out our name tags (and door prize labels), and welcome new members and guests. Larry also selects and buys the door prizes, and helps to set up the gallery for meetings. Our meetings start at 7 p.m. so the greeter would need to be at the desk by 6:30 p.m. at the latest.

Secondly, we need a Chairperson to take on the  Members’ Show . This person secures the ribbons for the show, works with the Workshop Chair (who arranges for the workshop presenter to judge the show), makes sure the prospectus is ready by the March meeting, recruits volunteers to help with the receiving of art, hanging the show, and sitting with the Gallery on open Sundays.  I have filled this position the past 2 years and can tell you it is not a difficult job at all, and there are LOTS of members who help out regularly and know what they are doing!

We have been without a Historian for at least 2 years. This person takes  printed information and photos of meetings and shows and turns them into scrapbooks for all our members to view.  Going forward, we would like to have this information saved digitally where it can be placed on our website.

We also would like to find people who would be interested in maintaining our flower beds on either side of the front door, set up and take down tables and chairs for our meetings, and any number of small jobs around the Gallery that need to be done from time to time. You will definitely be asked to volunteer at the Sweet Corn Festival, as well.

Please call or text me at 937-902-6410, or email me at [email protected], if you are willing to help with any of these jobs.

FAA is a well run organization thanks to our many volunteers.  Thank you all for all you do.

Billie Dickson