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Dear Members and Patrons:

How blessed we are with this colorful fall season of changing colors everywhere. You won’t want to miss the bubbling and colorful personality of our guest speaker, Trish McKinnney. She makes color alive and vibrant, just as she is.

Because we want to take advantage of our limited time, please use the form attached below for announcements and give them to me before the meeting. I will read them. It’s going to be a really exciting meeting, so come early, November 5th; 6:00 Board meets; 6:30 sign in; meeting begins at 7:00.

Sue Brezine




Trish McKinney will be our speaker and will be demonstrating her views on Layers Of Understanding – Creating Layers of Pattern & Meaning.” The art of storytelling is mastered by interweaving layers of understanding to create an emotional connection to the recipient. Telling a story through art is done the same way. Trish will demonstrate her way of telling a story through the technique of layering patterns over figurative compositions using mixed watermedia. Trish studied Graphic Design at Louisiana Tech University and Graphic Illustration at the U.S. Army Training Center, Denver, CO. She participated in professional workshops with Katherine Chang Lui, Mary Ann Beckwith, Mark Mehaffey, Carole Barnes, Cheng Kee Chee, Alex Powers, Stephanie Raynor, and Maxine Masterfield. She has conducted her own professional workshops with Rosie Huart: “Painting the Essence of France,” 2012, South of France; “Painting the Essence of Greece,” 2010, Santorini, Greece; and “Painting the Essence of Tuscany,” 2008, Florence, Italy. Trish has exhibited nationally and won awards in many shows, including the Ohio Watercolor Society, Watercolor Ohio 2011 and 2012, National Exhibition and Traveling Show;  Pennsylvania Watercolor Society International Exhibition, Lancaster Museum of Art, 2010 and 2007; Western Ohio Watercolor Society Winter Show, Springfield Art Museum, First Place 2009, Best of Show 2008; National Watercolor Society Members Show 2007; and many others. She has been included in publications such as Splash 12, “Artistic Vision,” Northlight Books, May 2011; Artistic Touch 4, by Christine Unwin, Creative Art Press, June 2010; Do Trees Nap?, by Trish McKinney, Claybridges Publishing, August 2009; and Exploring Color II, by Nita Leland, Northlight Books, August 2008. Trish is recognized locally as a member of the Town & Country Fine Art Gallery, Kettering, OH, but also is represented in other galleries in Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA; Springboro, Tipp City, and Mentor, OH. Her artwork is included in corporate collections locally and internationally.


Misuk Goltz and her Thursday Group will present their watercolor paintings in the Gallery at the November meeting and on Sundays during the month of November. The Gallery is open from 12:00 noon to 4 pm, November 3, 10, 17, and 24. Please join them for an Open House and Reception on November 3 from 2 to 4 pm. Anyone who participated in painting or classes with Misuk since June 2013 (even if only once) is welcome to participate in the show. Please contact Misuk at [email protected]  before by October 31. We will be hanging the paintings on October 31. Pickup day is November 24.

invitation card 2013


Soup and an Art Show is just around the corner! Please don’t forget to sign up at the table Let’s make this event spectacular!!  Members, friends, don’t forget to support the FAA fundraiser to help feed the area’s hungry children! Please see Mayumi Kiefer or Clarice Moore about how you can help! Soup and an Art Show is October 26, 2013, from 5:00-8:00 pm at the Senior Apartments Cafeteria next door to our Gallery.  Clarice can be reached at [email protected] .    —Submitted by Clarice Moore


Dora Lawson gives her whole-hearted thank you to the bowl makers for adding their creativity to the bowl making process for the Soup and Art Show


Fairborn Art Association members will have the opportunity to have their artwork and handicrafts displayed  in the Gallery for sale the first two weekends in December and for the early shopping from 5:30–7: 00 pm before the Christmas party, which begins at 7:00 pm, Tuesday Dec. 3. The Holiday Fine Art and Craft sale will be open two successive weekends Dec 7 & 8 and Dec. 14 & 15. The Gallery will be open Saturdays from 10 am–4 pm and Sundays from 1–4 pm. We plan to set up the art racks and decorate the gallery with members help on Monday, December 2 from 9:00 am–noon. Members can bring their priced holiday art and craft items with inventory sheets to the Gallery on Monday, December 2 from 1–3 pm, or on Tuesday, December 3 from 10–12 noon.  Each participating member will be given an artist number which we will provide. This artist number must be included on each price tag. Each member may bring two large paintings (18×24) and up to 10 small paintings (16×20 or smaller) and handcrafted items. Please mark sale prices on each item along with your name and artist number. Special art or craft demonstrations are encouraged during the sale. All unsold items must be picked up on Sunday, December 15 from 4–5 pm, or on Monday, December 16 from 10–12 noon. Remember, FAA does not charge commission on any sales. This is quite a benefit to FAA members. Signup sheets for gallery sitting, gallery decoration, registration, and goodie donations will be passed around at the October and November meetings. Please sign up to help make the sale a success!  Inventory sheets will be sent with the November newsletter and will be available at the Gallery and on our website. Holiday Sale flyers will be available by the November meeting for members to distribute. This is our Big Sale; it will be publicized in area newspapers and on A-Frame signs around town. The more we publicize the sale the better the sales will be.  Contact gayle and Robert Beireis at [email protected] .

Click to print:  Holiday Sale Inventory Sheet1

Click to print:  Holiday Sale Inventory Sheet2


1. How to get your inventory sheets and prospectus – They will be available online and at the November meeting; be sure to pick yours up. They will be right next to our flyers so please take what you need and take some flyers to pass around. 2. How to get your Artist Number for your sales ticket and inventory sheet – Please read carefully:  we took the names in alphabetical order as listed in the 2013–2014 members directory. Please call or email us and we will assign your number to you. Note: your number will NOT be the same as last year!   —Submitted by gayle and Robert Beireis,  email [email protected]


We are having a Christmas party Dec. 3. Everybody  should bring a dish to share along with a  your gift of about $10.00 for the exchange if you want to participate. Don’t forget that we will have early shopping at the Holiday Fine Arts & Craft Show starting at 5:30 pm.


Thank you to the members who helped with the Members’ Photography show. It was a very beautiful show. Well done to all who participated. The judge, Sterling Edwards said that he looks not so much for technique, but for talent and originality. He also said that we had a lot of talent and very good show. Now for the  the winners of the show:  Judges Merit:  Barb Allen, “Nobody’s Perfect;” Karen Farrell Skirha, “Penny Lane Ride;” Robert Beireis, “This Is Right Side Up;” gayle Beireis, “Edith.” Honorable Mention:  Barb Arnold, “Italian  Hideaway;” Larry Hawkins, “Ireland # 1;” Ed Wilson, “Blue Water;” Kathy Goetz, “Pumpkins.” Third Place:  Barb Allen, “Checking Out Flight;” Second Place: Robert Beireis, “Statue of Liberty;” First Place:  Karen Farrell Skirha, “Sundrops.”  Best of show:  gayle Beireis, “After the Spring Rain.”  —Submitted by gayle and Robert Beireis


Please go to our new website at for additional articles throughout the month. We also post photographs of meetings and other events that we are unable to publish in the printed version of this newsletter. We are in the process of transferring the Members’ Gallery from our old website to our new website. Some artwork is now available for viewing. Be sure to answer the email we sent to obtain your permission to display your artwork and/or any photo of you (individually or in a group) on the website. We need this permission in writing before we can activate your artwork on the website. The Members’ gallery is a format for our members to share their artwork online for viewing and possibly interest to buyers.


At the Middletown Art Center’s (MAC) Area Art Show, Misuk Goltz received the 2013 President’s Award for her watercolor painting “Cafe Bottega Louie.” She also received an honorable mention for a pastel work, “Lone Visitor at Grand Canyon.” In conjunction with the President’s Award, the MAC will host a solo show by Misuk at the center’s gallery when the 2014 annual area show is held next year.

Update on Jake Red:  Jake has been moved from critical care to an ambulatory unit at St. Rita Hospital in Lima, OH. He is conscious, is able to move, and is responding to speakers although he is not yet able to speak. He was in an auto/truck accident on September 11, 2013. Jake is the son of member Jerry Red, grandson of members Sue and Loren Red, and nephew of member Lori (Red) Luckner.


The following people signed up to bring refreshments to the November meeting: Susan Davis, Clarice Moore, Robert Beireis, Cass Barth, and Jean Lutz. Thank you for volunteering. We welcome additional food prepared by anyone who wants to bring it to this meeting. We usually have 50–60 people at our meetings.

Our next meeting will be our Christmas Party on Tuesday, December 3, 2013 at 7:00 pm. The deadline for submitting articles to be included in the December Newsletter is Monday, November 18, 2013.  Please email your articles to Jackie Albright at [email protected] .