Rob Weingartner’s demo on March 7, 2017, continued our education in the use of color. Rob demonstrated a painting in acrylic using a different concept on how to use color from Nita Leland’s demo on February 7, 2017, on the use of triads in selecting colors. He primarily emphasizes the use of complementary colors to create dynamic abstracts and impressionistic artwork. His demo of a water lily pond started out in brilliant colors of orange and ultramarine blue.

Rob’ painting was fairly small, but appeared large to the audience on our new media screen.

As Rob continued with his painting, he chose colors totally unexpected in a lily pond painting.

A larger view of this stage of the painting.

Rob now added colors more familiar to water lily painting. The entire concept was to use the complement of the final color in the first layer. This created a glowing final image as the color of the first  layer shines through the final layer of blue over orange, yellow over purple, etc.

Rob had several paintings on display in addition to the one on which he was working.

A glowing red sky highlights and complements the blue of this heron.