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Dear Members, Patrons, and Friends,

Fall is coming, I promise. I personally believe our greatest invention ever is air conditioning. I am so grateful for it. I hope you have had a great summer and have had time to be creative. Maybe you took some new photos or got some new inspiration for paintings. We have some great demos scheduled as well as a fabulous guest teacher. I had the opportunity to study with Ann Abgott when I lived in Florida. She has some very unusual techniques that I am sure will enhance your skills. Looking forward to seeing you once again at our meeting on September 6. The Board will meet at 5:30. The regular meeting will start at 7:00. Tom Kinarney will be demonstrating his wonderful work with colored pencils. Be sure to join us.

Louise Jackson

The Sweet Corn Festival is over for another year. I have heard it was a great success. I was there Sunday afternoon and probably due to the wonderful weather – cool and sunny – the grounds were crowded. After a day of unexpected rain storms Saturday, this was a welcome change for Festival workers and attendees. A big Thank You to everyone who worked this year. I am sure you will hear from the SCF Committee as soon as they get their heads back in place after running around for the past couple of weeks without them. No one works harder than this committee.

From November 1 to November 3, 2016, the Fairborn Art Association will be hosting Anne Abgott for a 3-day workshop. I recently took a class from her in Florida and found her to be an outstanding teacher with great ideas and innovations to bring a colorful, award winning touch to your watercolor painting. Cost for the 3-day classes will be $250 for members, $270 for non-members. A $40 nonrefundable deposit is required to hold your place in the workshop. A minimum of 10 students is required. A registration form is attached.

Anne began painting in oils as a child and was mentored by Alexander Luke, one of the premier Canadian artists. She moved to Florida in 1998 and began working in watercolor. She is very influenced by the light and color she finds in Florida, and she has honed her skills with many, many hours of painting. She has found an art-rich environment in Florida and feels that the encouragement and friendship of the local artists are a big part of her success. She is an acclaimed mentor and true master teacher. She has been an “art mom” to her students, and many have gone on to become accomplished and award-winning artists themselves. She has conducted over 100 workshops and is in demand as a juror for many exhibitions. Her latest contract is with the Watercolor Art Society-Houston, or WAS-H, for a workshop and judging their upcoming National Show in 2016. Anne has achieved Signature status in seven National Watercolor Societies, not including the holy grail for watercolorists: AWS and NWS. You are invited to visit her website at for examples of her work and a more extensive resume. For additional information about this workshop, please contact Pat Dunker at [email protected].

Attachment: Anne Abgott registration (pdf file)

Attachment: Anne Abgott registration (xps file)

This summer has been a busy season for artists with many shows and many winners among our members. Listed below are the winners who were reported to us in time for our publishing deadline. Congratulations to All.

Best of Show – $150: Louise Jackson; First Place – $100: Rose Schultz; Second Place – $75: Elizabeth Martin; Third Place – $50: Tom Kinarney; Honorable Mentions – $25: Rebecca Graves, Leigh Whitehead, Babs Ney, Connie Gifford, Linnae Wilson, Paula Whittington, Patricia Dunker, and Shirley Bauer.

First Place – $50: Babs Ney; Second Place – $40: Linda Owen; Third Place – $30: Louise Jackson; Honorable Mentions $20: Sheryl Scott, Shirlee Bauer, Irene Ferriman, Barbara Olekas, Tom Kinarney, Rose Schultz; Merit Awards – $10: Connie Gifford, Clarice Moore, Jean Lutz, Billie Dickson, Pat Dunker, JoAnne Rumple.

First Place: Shirlee Bauer, Milkweed Explosion; Second Place: Brendon Higgins, Center; Third Place: Susie King, Into the Woods-Valle View; Judges Merit: Connie Gifford, Aspen Wild Flowers; Irene Ward, Reflections on the Pond; Jerry Nunley, Cattails in the Meadows; Ed Charney, Wetland; Rose Schultz, Natures Mirror; Billie Dickson, Little Beaver Creek; Patricia Dunker, The Wonder of Weeds; Barb Stork, Ode to Ohio Wetlands; Sherry Li Cai, Peaceful Pond; JoAnne Rumple, A Glimpse of Spring.

Miamisburg Art Gallery 2016 Juried Art Exhibition
Drawing: Tom Kinarney won First Place for Red Grapes; Water Media: Barbara Olekas won Third Place for On the Road to Germantown; Elizabeth Martin won Honorable Mention for Red Onions; Mixed Media: Tom Kinarney won Second Place for Goody-Goody Gumdrops; Rose Schultz won Honorable Mention for Sharky’s.

The Fine Art Center at Cross Point – The Square Foot National Exhibition
Trisha Tallman won First Place for Memories of S.E. Asia.

The Fine Art Center at Cross Pointe in Centerville is seeking new members. Artists may share a space for $100 per month or rent a full space for $165. For more details please contact Bonnie Kuntz at 937-673-6163 or [email protected]

Middletown Art Center Show, August 2016
Bonnie Kuntz won First place in Mixed Media; Elizabeth Martin won Third place in Watermedia; Karen Livingston won Best of Show.


Amy Collins, “The Figure in Watercolor,” September 14-15, $160 members, $175 non-members. Contact Robine Wright, [email protected].

Vladislav Yeliseyev, “Painting Architecture,” October 17-19, $250 members, $310 non-members. Contact Robine Wright, [email protected].

Kirkmont Center, Zanesville, Ohio
Fall Artists Retreat, October 7,8 & 9, for all artists – photography, jewelry, writers, sculpture, film, textiles, painting, drawing, etc. Stay all weekend $136, meals included; part of the weekend $50, meals extra; or commute $30, meals extra. Contact Woody Amidon 937-844-3102, or email [email protected].

Refreshments for the September meeting will be provided by our Board Members. Please come and enjoy good food and good company.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, October 4, 2016, at 7:00 pm. The deadline for submitting articles to be included in the October Newsletter is Monday, September 19, 2016. Please email your articles to [email protected] or call Jackie Albright at 937-233-7532.