To Print this newsletter, click here: FAA 1021 Newsletter (pdf file)

To Print this newsletter, click here: FAA 1021 Newsletter (open document file)

Hello Everyone!

I can hardly believe fall is here…didn’t summer just begin? I hope you have all recovered and rested up from the Sweet Corn festival; speaking of which, we are in SERIOUS need of someone or ‘someones’ to be Warren Brown’s understudy next year, and to eventually take over the position of chairperson of the Sweet Corn festival. As it has been said repeatedly, this is our MAIN money maker so we can pay rent on our gallery, pay our demo artists, general upkeep, etc. Warren, who has generously said he would help anyone learn ‘the ropes’, will not be able to do it after the 2022 festival. Please seriously consider volunteering to help….WE NEED YOU!!!

I will now get off my soapbox, and remind you that our next meeting is Tuesday, October 5, at 7:00 pm, with Shirley DeLaet as our guest artist, and includes our annual art supply sale which starts at 5:30. This should be a fun evening and, once again, if you want snacks they must be prepackaged, and pop and water will be provided. Masks will be required until further notice.

If anyone would be willing to help with some photographs for our website, please contact Jackie Albright.

The new directories look fabulous and are available now for pick up in the gallery. Kudos to Deb Cosenza for doing such a super job!

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 5th!

Linda Brandenburg



I, on behalf of the Fairborn Sweet Corn Festival Committee, would again like to thank all of you who volunteered to help with the 2021 Sweet Corn Festival. The festival simply couldn’t happen without your annual support! We need an understudy for me this year because my current plan is to retire after the 2022, 40th Annual Sweet Corn Festival, barring earlier potential health related issues. We need someone to step up and work with the committee as we plan for the 2022 Sweet Corn Festival. There are guidelines for the elements that make up the various festival duties. So come join us and we will guide you to accomplish a successful event!

…Submitted by Warren K. Brown, Current Chair, Fairborn Sweet Corn Festival Committee


Time to go through your studio, basement, garage! Fairborn Art Association members will again have the opportunity to recycle their over-bought, no longer used, or unloved Art and Craft supplies. You can reserve a table for your sale prior to our October 5th meeting. Set up and all sales transactions are your responsibility, so make sure you bring enough money to make change. Final cleanup of unsold items is also yours to do; nothing is to be left in the gallery.
WHEN:  October 5, 5:30-6:30 pm (board meeting will be held at this time also)
HOW:  If you wish to participate, reserve a table by 9/28 by emailing or texting (only) Carol Edsall. The doors will be open and a table will be set up for you with plastic cover by 5:00 pm. If weather permits, some tables may be set up outside.
REMINDER:  While inside the gallery, masks are required. And only bring food for personal consumption.

…Submitted by Carol Edsall


We have several great events coming up through the remainder of this year:

  • October 5 features Shirley DeLaet, with watercolor
  • November 2 workshop features Lian Quan Zhen, a watercolor and Chinese painting artist who again has taught previously at FAA and was very well received.
  • December 7 Christmas Party

…Submitted by Carol Edsall


February 1 Marsha Pippenger, collage                August 2 No meeting
March 1 Jane Halliwell, botanical watercolor      September 6 Jacqueline Sullivan, acrylic
April 5 Andi Sanders, alcohol ink                          October 4 Workshop, TBD
May 3 Workshop, David R. Smith, watercolor    November 1 Erica Kenner, pastel
June 7 Social                                                             December 6 Christmas Party
July 5 No meeting

…Submitted by Carol Edsall


Our guest watercolor demo artist for Fairborn Art Association’s October 5, 2021 meeting will be Shirley DeLaet. Meeting will commence at 7:00 pm at the FAA Art Gallery located at 221 N. Central Ave. in Fairborn. All participants are required to wear masks at this time and distancing is encouraged.

Art became Shirley DeLaet’s life desire at a very early age. She was determined to be an artist, so when the time came to make adult choices, she chose to enter the world of commercial art as an illustrator and designer. Shirley said, “It was a good choice,” as it led to a 30-year career in the business of creating for others. Upon retiring from her career, she picked up her brushes again to continue the creative process, but this time it was to paint for the pure pleasure of painting. She starts her process by studying her subjects so she can get to know them well. Telling their story on canvas or paper is a big, and important, part of her creative process. She paints in either watercolor or oil paint so she can select what’s best for a particular subject matter. Both still life and landscape paintings, along with an occasional off-subject, can be found in her portfolio.

Shirley says, “Beauty guides my subject choices because I have always found beauty everywhere, even in the simplest, or strangest, of things. But it’s the story behind the beauty that guides me through my painting process. Art is still my life’s desire. And, I still find beauty everywhere. So I paint.”

Shirley continues to fulfill her life’s desire from her home studio in Troy, Ohio.

…Submitted by Carol Edsall


Fairborn Art Association is excited to have Lian Zhen returning to teach a 4-day workshop (November 1-4, 2021): 2 days of Chinese watercolor and 2 days of his own technique. Lian will bring the materials needed for Chinese painting at the low cost of $35. It includes brushes, paints, paper, etc. Lian is a truly inspired watercolorist and teacher plus he is full of enthusiasm and lots of fun so you are certain to enjoy his teaching style. There are still some spaces left but they are filling up so please send your registration and deposit to Pat Dunker. The full payment is due October 25, 2021. The registration form is available in the Gallery and is attached..

…Submitted by Pat Dunker

Attachment: LIAN QUAN ZHEN Registration 2021

Attachment: Lian Quan Zhen Workshop material List


Please note that, due to an oversight, the September newsletter did not mention the name of one of our members who won an award in this exhibition.

Congratulations on the Honorable Mention: “Out on a Limb” by JoAnn Davenport

…Submitted by Connie Gifford


Honorable Mention: Marsha Elliott
Honorable Mention: Connie Gifford

And Marsha Elliott sold her painting during the wet paint sale at the event – way to go! We had several other FAA members in this plein air event – congratulations to all.

…Submitted by Connie Gifford


Drawing: Sheryl Scott– 1st Place
Water Media Awards: Diana Hoke– 3rd Place

And we had many other of our FAA members that have participated in this show. Congratulations to all.

…Submitted by Connie Gifford


Yuki Hall

Yuki Hall is offering a 1-day workshop for Holiday watercolor painting on November 16, 9:30 am – 3:30 pm. This workshop is a casual and fun-filled “Make them – Take them home” type workshop that students of all levels can enjoy. Students will be making 2 framed mini watercolor paintings with a Holiday theme. They will also be painting and making Holiday cards which can be framed later in 5X7 frame if so wished. These adorable mini paintings make one-of-a-kind Holiday gifts for special friends and family members. While having lots of fun, students will learn many important watercolor painting concepts and techniques which can be later applied to larger paintings. The cost for this workshop is $60 which includes two miniature 3×3 wooden frames with matting, card making supply and watercolor paper. To register, send the payment and the registration to Yuki Hall. For any questions regarding this class, please call, text or e-mail Yuki. The registration form is available in the Gallery, is also included at the end of this newsletter, and is attached.

Attachment: Yuki Hall Holiday miniature painting


Please pick up your FAA directory at the October meeting. The directories will be mailed out to those members who are not able to attend.

…Submitted by Debbie Cosenza

FAA will have water and soft drinks available at the meetings. We will not be encouraging the sharing of food at our meetings, however, if someone wants to bring snacks to share, they must be individually prepackaged. You are welcome to bring your own personal snacks. Please be responsible for cleaning up after yourself.

…Submitted by Carol Collett


The Yellow Springs Textile Art Group is currently exhibiting at the Winds Cafe, 215 Xenia Ave., Yellow Springs, OH 45387 to October 30, 2021.

MEDIA CONTACT: Pam Geisel, 937-767-8013, [email protected]

PUBLIC CONTACT: Winds Cafe, 937-767-1144,


If you have access to the internet, please go to our website at for additional articles throughout the month. We also post photographs of meetings and other events that we are unable to publish in the printed version of this newsletter.


Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, November 2, 2021. The deadline for submitting articles to be included in the November Newsletter is Monday, October 18, 2021. Please email your articles to April Coppess.

Please note that for privacy reasons, the Fairborn Art Association will no longer be posting personal email addresses or phone numbers in the newsletters or on our website. Consult your FAA Directory for contact information for members. For non-members, we will provide the contact information we are given for them.